Textile Recycling

JR Fibres Ltd is dedicated to diverting as much textile waste as possible away from landfill by offering an environmentally and economically friendly alternative... recycling.

Recycling Textile Waste


James Robinson Fibres Ltd are one of the largest collectors, sorters and graders of textile hosiery waste in the United Kingdom. Our textile recycling department diverts significant volumes of textile waste from landfill by converting the waste into re-usable textile raw material.


We offer a national collection service and are receivers of most post industrial Textile wastes. The list below represents the wide range of materials that we receive and recycle or supply onwards for recycling.


Knitting Wastes:

Acrylic and Acrylic/wool
NEW clippings from the knitwear industries

Cotton/synthetic and cotton knitting wastes

Knitted old/acrylic sweaters

Post consumer 'rags' not cleaned or deemed suitable for re-use as clothing, but suitable for exporting for recycling.

Wool wastes:

Spot 'lots' from all areas of textile production: scoured wools, shoddy blends and worsted and woollen spinning wastes.

Wool and wool/synthetic carpet threads

Polyester belting and high tenacity thread waste

Weaving/upholstery threads

Post Industrial waste

Polyester filling waste
Carpet off cuts/trim

Post Consumer waste

Mattress Waste
Polyester fillings waste

Charity Rags

Arrange collection/receivables:
To enquire about collections and receivables please contact us with your textile waste details.