Polyester Staple Fibre

James Robinson Fibres Ltd, a leading independent manufacturer, stockholder and supplier of Polyester staple fibres, supplying predominantly to the furniture, furnishings, bedding and carpet industries, with large warehouse facilities in Bradford in the UK and near Keelung in Taiwan, we strive to offer excellent customer service with consistency and continuity of supply within the UK and Global markets.


Solid Fibres are the most basic of fibres which can be supplied either as an eco friendly regenerated fibre, extruded from post consumer PET bottles or virgin fibre. Used in a variety of applications.   


  • Denier: 3 - 15
  • Length (mm): 32 - 102
  • Cross section: Round
  • Finish:
    Dry/Slick (FR to: BS5852 Part 2)/ Siliconised
  • Holes: No Holes
  • Produced from: Virgin PET
  • Colours: Raw White

End Uses

Baby Nappies / Wipes, Bedding, Filtration, Floor Coverings, Furniture Waddings, General Nonwovens, Hygiene Cloths, Pet Beds, Pile Fabric Manufacture, Plush Fabrics, Primary Backing, Sanitary Products, Seat Pads, Soft Furnishings

Other Fibres

Hollow Fibres, Hollow Conjugate Fibres, Bicomponent (Lowmelt), Carded Fibre, Ball Fibre, Microfibre