Feathers & Down

JR Fibres Ltd are stockholders and suppliers of quality feathers and Feather Down
for the soft furnishings and bedding industries for the UK and export markets.


White Duck Feather and Down offers a luxurious filling in varying percentages of Down to Feather. The higher the content of the Down the more luxurious the Feather will feel which offers a highly soft handle and comfort to the end product.


  • Ratio: 15/85 – means 15% Down and 85% Feather
  • Other Ratios:

    20/80 – 20% Down and 80% Feather
    50/50 – 50% Down and 50% Feather
    60/40 – 60% Down and 40% Feather

  • Colours: White

End Uses

Duvets, Outdoor Clothing, Pillows, Scatter Cushions, Sofa Cushions

Other Fibres

White washed Duck Feather, White Duck Down